Spirited Care: Supporting & Empowering Individuals With Special Needs

Creating memories where you are celebrated

Spirited Care recognises the life stages of youth and the extra needs they have for gaining a sense of self, independence, good friendships and taking on more freedom to express who they are.

Spirited Care Youth Worker’s are very respectful and work well with teens to bring out their best and give them opportunities to shine.

We support adventure, life skills, preparation for transitioning to the next stage of their life. This could mean transitioning from school to work or study, including the pathway for financial independence.

If you would like to know more about our Stepping Stones for Youth program, contact us today!

Your life, your way

Stepping Stones for Youth caters to young people between 13-19 years and offers the following:

– Assistance with life stage transitions (Support Coordination)

– School Leaver Employment Support (SLES)

– High school educational support: facilitated re-engagement activities           delivered using a strengths-based approach

– Lifeskills Workshops

– Short term respite packages

We are committed to working in partnership with you, your informal and formal support networks. We will provide capacity building activities and guidance to help you participate and be a valuable member of your local community.

Stepping Stones for Youth